Welcome to AIwMe (AI with Me)!

My name is Tuan Nguyen, and I am a programmer from Vietnam. My major is Web programming, also known as frontend development. In addition, I also work on backend tasks such as APIs and databases.

Regarding the topic of AI, I happened to assist in a project in my locality, which involved recognizing license plates in the city. This is when I first became interested in concepts like AI, machine learning, and deep learning. At that time, I had no prior knowledge of AI or deep learning. I conducted research and scoured online resources until I found a solution that helped me tackle the problem, which was YOLO. I began to immerse myself in tasks like finding image resources, labeling, and training.

Upon completing a model for myself and applying it to the problem, I achieved some significant success, although the accuracy was not very high, perhaps due to the limited set of images I had. It was at this point that I started to feel excited about it, recognizing its incredible potential. Over time, I’ve discovered more and more impressive AI applications, to the extent that I feel like almost all of my previous work could be replicated by computers. It’s as if humans are becoming replaceable by machines.

AIwMe (AI with me) here I want to share my knowledge about AI with everyone and also learn from the global community. I believe that everyone should have an understanding of AI and know how to leverage it in various aspects of life, work, and even love :)))

Looking forward to embarking on this incredible AI journey with you all. Let’s build a future where AI is a force for good, accessible to all!